Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wow. I think I actually found a moment to update my blog.

Thing have been beyond hectic. As I am sure most have noticed by my extended Internet absence.


- Back in PA again. Thumbs up to that right?
- Got a new job. Doing what I do best. Tinkering around on the Intrawebs.

Yep that is about it. No exciting adventures going on in this girl's life.
Same old, same old.

Well I feel that I should conclude this blog post for now.

Will add more crap here in time. I've been storing up on many topics to post about.

Hugs and Smooches

The Creep
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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ok first off I find it highly disturbing that Justin Timberlake thinks he's "sexy". Enough to think that he is "bringing sexy back". I know that I personally have never looked at a guy and said "Oh my god he's so sexy" and if I ever have I also fully acknowledge that he's gay. I guess that sexy in reference to a straight male is just not in my mental dictionary. In fact I know many guys that if I just walked up to them and said "Your sexy" would be offended. Probably insulted enough to toss me a bitch slap for threatening their manliness.

Plus, and this maybe just my own feeble mind here, exactly when did sexy go away? I thought that we were still living in a time where sex is too much at the forefront of EVERYTHING! Don’t get me wrong. I'm not some puritan, goody-two shoes here. But I just think that people have way too much concern about their genitals than they do anything else. So yeah once again how did Justin Timberlake, of all people, bring “sexy” back when it never went away?

For years we've had Victoria Secret selling bras to women. With the promise of creating the illusion of "sexy". "What is sexy?" they say. Well real tits and not overpriced padding for one. Or maybe, just maybe, being yourself. Not worrying about having a "sexy" image. Image is the problem. So many people desperately want to be something that they lose who they really are, and some just never take the time to find out.

So Justin Timberlake, put your sexy away and save it until you look like you hit puberty.
And for Christ's sake stop influencing idiotic minds !
-End Transmission